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Autumn Assembly English Ball

BFMS is pleased to present its annual Baltimore Autumn Assembly English Ball on Saturday, October 21, 2017, at the Church of the Redeemer. There will be a review session at the same location from 2 to 4:30 pm. Reception is at 6:30 PM and the Ball is 7 PM to 11 PM.

You may register online or by mail. Suggested attire is festive formal or historical.
Please bring non-marking dance shoes to help preserve the floor.

Your 2017 Ball Chairs are Sharon McKinley and Tom Spilsbury, reachable by email at autumn_assembly at

The Dances

Title Key/Meter   Title Key/Meter
The Astonished ArchaeologistA 2/2 Candles in the DarkBm 3/4
Easter MornCm 3/4 Jaque LatinG 2/4
King of PolandGm 6/8 Knives and ForksG 3/2
The Merry Salopians (Old Mill)G/D modal  Mendocino RedwoodDm 6/8
Mike's HealthD 6/8 Money in Both PocketsD 6/8
NewcastleG 2/2 Orleans BaffledD 3/2
Peace Be With YouAm 2/2 The Phoenix RejuvenatedD 2/2
Rafe's WaltzGm 3/4 The Treasure of the Big WoodsDm 2/2
Ursa MinorEm 2/4 Wibsey RoundaboutC 6/8
Yellow StockingsAm 9/8  
All dances will be talked through and briefly prompted
You can also download a list of the Dances in PDF format.

Music By

Elke Baker, violin
Ralph Gordon, cello
Marty Taylor, winds and concertina
Dave Wiesler, piano and guitar

2 - 4:30 PM Afternoon Review Session
6:30 PM Reception
7 - 11 PM Ball
Review, Reception and Ball at
The Church of the Redeemer
5603 North Charles St
Baltimore, Maryland 21210
Google Map Location

Questions? E-mail autumn_assembly at

Ticket Prices

Member pricing is for BFMS and CDSS affiliates.

  Members General
Before October 6th $35$40$15
Oct 7th to Oct 20 $40$45$20
Oct 21
At the door if available


By Mail:
Download our flier and complete the form on the back page.


Online registration for the 2017 Autumn Assembly English Ball is now closed. Tickets will be available at the door for $45 (members and affiliates) and $50 (nonmembers) and $20(students).
Please contact autumn_assembly @ with any questions.

Please download our 2017 Autumn Assembly English Ball flier and Dance Directions for more information and to register by mail.

Facebook Group

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Dance Instructions

Notes and conventions:
  • Unless otherwise specified, all crosses, back-to-backs, and gypsies are by the right shoulder.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all circles, stars, gypsies, and turns are once around.
  • Unless otherwise specified, "turn single" is over the right shoulder.
  • 1s = first couple/ones; 2s = second couple/twos, etc.
  • CW = clockwise and CCW = counterclockwise
  • L = Left and R = Right
  • P = Partner and Ps = Partners
  • N = Neighbor and SSN = Same Sex Neighbor
  • Circular Hey is without hands; Changes of rights and lefts is with hands.
  • WHILE indicates that two things happen simultaneously

The Astonished Archaeologist
Philippe Callens 1992
A  2/2;  3 Couple Longways
A1 1-2Partners Set.
3-4Partners Right-hand turn 1/2.
5-6Partners set again.
7-8Partners left-hand turn 1/2.
A2 1-4Right diagonals back to back R shoulder.
5-8 Partners two-hand turn 3/4 around; finish by making an about face turn to the R, partners standing back to back.
B1 1-6Straight hey-for-six until you meet your partner. (W1 & M3 start by looping left, other 4 passing R shoulder).
7-8 Partners Left-shoulder gypsy 3/4 around, ending in lines of three on own side, close to partner, all proper.
Order is now 3-2-1.
B2 1-4Lines (with hands) fall back a double & come forward.
5-8 Top 2 couples circle Left 1/2 and cross Right shoulder with partner WHILE bottom couple (original 1s) two-hand turn partner.
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Candles in the Dark
Loretta Holz
Bm  3/4;  Longways duple
A1 & A2 Assisted half figures-8 (men assisting women w/ right-in-right).
A1 1-8M1 with partner, then with W2.
A2 1-8M2 with W1, then with partner. (All Progressed, but Improper)
B1 1-4Neighbors Mirror back-to-back (2s split 1s to start).
5-8All circle left (once round).
B2 1-4Neighbors Mirror back-to-back (1s split 2s to start).
5-8Partners gypsy right 1-1/2 to finish proper. (1s join right hands & face down to start next round)
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Easter Morn
Erna-Lynne Bogue 1994 - Tune: Miss Gordon of Gight by Isaac Cooper (c. 1755-1820)
Cm  3/4;  Longways duple
A1 1-21s cast below the 2s
3-41s half figure 8 up through the 2s
A2 1-2With the next 2s below, 1s right hand across.
3-41s left hand across with original 2s.
B1 1-2Circle right once around.
3-42s gate the 1s up the center and back down the outside.
B2 1-21s lead through the next 2s below, cast to place.
3-4All turn partner with two hands to end proper (1s turn once and a half, 2s turn once).
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Jaque Latin
G  2/4;  Longways duple
A1 1-8W1 hey with the two men (passing M2 by Left shoulder).
A2 1-8M1 hey with the two women (passing W2 by Right shoulder).
B1 1-41s cross and cast, 2s move up.
5-81s cross and cast again below the next 2s, who do not move up.
B2 1-41s lead up the center (4 steps), and set to original neighbors (the 2s)
5-81s lead up through 2s, cast back to 2nd place.
C1 1-4All set twice to your corner
5-8All Star left once around (quickly).
C2 1-4All set twice to your corner.
5-8All Star right once around (quickly).
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King of Poland
Gm  6/8;  Longways duple, Improper
A1 1-4Neighbors two-hand turn 1-1/2.
A2 1-2Partners cross to change places (elongated gypsy).
3-4Partners two-hand turn 1/2.
B1 1-21s lead up while 2s cast down.
3-63 changes of circular hey (begin w/ partner).
B2 1-41s half figure-8 up (to meet in progressed place proper).
5-61s two-hand turn 1/2 (& immediately face down).
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Knives and Forks
J. & W. Neal, 1726 Reconstructed by Rich Jackson & George Fogg
G  3/2;  Longways duple
A1 1-41s cast and go back to back in 2nd place, 2s dance up.
A2 1-41s cast up and back to back in 1st place, 2s dance back down.
B1 1-4Neighbor, lead away from the set, turn and lead back, cross over with partner (pass right shoulders) and loop to the right to face in.
B2 1-22nd corners cross, 1st corners cross,
3-4Partners two-hand turn.
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The Merry Salopians (Old Mill)
Walsh 1718 - Reconstructed by Tom Cook 1987 to the tune The Old Mill by Brian Jenkins
G/D modal  ;  3 Couple Longways
A1 1-2M1 casts below 2s as W1 balances back and follows him.
3-4M1 & W3 right-hand turn, M1 then falls in behind partner, who continues (ccw) round 2s.
5-6W1 leads partner back to top of set.
7-81s left-hand turn half to get home.
A2 1-81s repeat A1, but all reversed: W1 casts as M1 balances & follows, W1 & M3 turn lefts, W1 follows M1 to top, 1s turn right half.
B1 1-61s lead down & out thru W2&W3 to start a Morris Hey across set. [W2&W3 lead thru M2&M3, who cast & lead thru 1s, etc.]
7-81s meet and right-hand turn 3/4 to end in 2nd place improper.
B2 1-41s CROSS & cast up (2s move down); 1 button-hook turn-single down.
5-81s lead down center, 2s & 3s up outside & follow to invert set.
1s cast up to 2nd place, as 2s continue to bottom. [order 3-1-2]
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Mendocino Redwood
Devlin, Fraley, Zekley 2005
Dm  6/8;  Longways duple
A1 1-4Partners up a double and back
5-82s half figure 8 up through the 1s
A2 1-4Partners lead down a double and back
5-81s half figure 8 down through the 2s
B1 1-8All right hand star, left hand star back
B2 1-2Left diagonals (M1, W2) change left shoulder
3-4Right diagonals (M2, W1) change right shoulder
5-8Partners two-hand turn once round, opening to face up
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Mike's Health
Lynn Jensen 2011 - Music: Jonathan Jensen
D  6/8;  Longways duple
A1 1-41s cross and cast to 2nd place (2s move up).
5-81s half figure-8 up through the 2s
A2 1-42s cross and cast back home (1s move up).
5-82s half figure-8 up 3/4, join on ends of line facing up (1s in middle).
B1 1-4Lines of 4 up a double and set right and left.
5-6Lines fall back, bending the line.
7-8All circle (four) half way [un-progressed, improper]
B2 1-4Neighbors fall back a double and set (facing partner throughout).
5-81s cross and cast to progressed place, WHILE 2s two-hand turn half and dance up.
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Money in Both Pockets
ca 1794-1800 in US
D  6/8;  Longways duple
A1 1-41s set twice to W2.
5-81s & W2 circle (three) once round.
A2 1-41s set twice to M2.
5-81s & M2 circle (three) once round.
B1 1-41s lead down the center of the set.
5-81s lead back to the top and cast to second place (2s move up).
B2 1-8All four changes of Rights & Lefts (start with partner).
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DM:I 1651-1690 - Reconstructed by Cecil Sharp 1911
G  2/2;  4-couple square (circle)
A1 1-8All (w/ hands) into the center and back; partners set, corners set.
A2 1-8All that again.
B1 1-4Partners arm right.
5-8Men star left to places as ladies skip round (clockwise).
B2 1-4Partners arm left.
5-8Women star right to places as men skip round (counter clockwise).
A1 1-8Partners side over and back (use curvy siding), set right and honor, go on to next (around circle).
A2 1-8All that again with this next (temporary partner).
B1 1-4Current sides (original heads) lead in a double, lead back out and make arches facing out.
5-8Current heads cast round, pass through arches, and skip back to place.
B2 1-8Repeat (current head couples make arches, current side couples cast).
A1 1-8Partners (current) arm right, then arm left 1-1/2 and go on to next.
A2 1-8Repeat with next, fall into lines up and down room (close together, original heads at ends of line, lady left of current partner).
B1 1-4Line of four (w/ hands) fall back and come forward a double.
5-8All turn single, cross over with opposite and form new lines across the room (ends of previous line in middle of new line).
B2 1-4New lines fall back and come forward a double.
5-8All turn single, cross over with opposite to original place and bow to original partner.
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Orleans Baffled
DM II:1710-1728
D  3/2;  Longways Triple Minor
A1 1-21s cast to second place, 2s dance up.
3-41s & 3s poussette half-way clockwise (M1 & W3 moving forward).
5-61s cast up to second place, 3s dance down.
7-81s & 2s poussette half-way clockwise (W1 & M2 moving forward).
91st corners change places.
102nd corners change places, and immediately face neighbor.
11-12Circular hey, 3 changes, starting with neighbor. (Circular hey must be very compact and rapid)
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Peace Be With You
Fried Herman 1986 - To the tune 'Rigadoon Royal' - 1718
Am  2/2;  Longways duple
A1 1-41st corners set to each other, change places by R-shoulder.
5-8Right hand star half way, all turn single to the left.
A2 1-8Repeat with 2nd corners setting and crossing, star right half, turn single left.
B1 1-42 changes of rights and lefts, starting with partner, give hands.
5-8All 2-hand turn with partner once and a half around, into...
B2 1-2Hands 4 halfway.
3-4Still holding hands with neighbor, fall slightly back
5-8Gate figure: 2s gate the 1s up and back into progressed places.
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The Phoenix Rejuvenated
Pat Shaw 1975
D  2/2;  4-couple longways
A1 1-4All up a double and back (partners holding inside hands).
5-8Men (M1 leading) dance single file clockwise half round women.
A2 1-4All lead down a double and back (this is not your partner)
5-8Women (W4 leading) dance counter clockwise half around men.
B1 1-4All face up: Partners promenade round to the left (4s lead) back to original places IMPROPER (I like promenade hold).
5-6Partners set right and left.
7-8At ends, hands-four circle left half-round (1s&2s, 3s&4s).
B2 1-4All face center (top couples facing down, bottoms facing up): middle couples cast and lead WHILE ends lead and cast.
5-8Middles (1s&4s) circle (left) half and turn partner half, WHILE ends (2s&3s) turn partner once round. [ALL END PROPER & PROGRESSED 2-4-1-3]
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Rafe's Waltz
Victor Skowronski 1996 - English folk tune collected by Ralph Vaughan Williams
Gm  3/4;  Longways duple
A 1-41st corners set and then gypsy (right) half to change places.
5-82nd corners the same.
9-12Partners the same
13-16Neighbors the same.
B 1-41s lead down & turn single away (man right, woman left).
5-81s lead back up and turn single away (men left, women right).
9-12Partners right-hand turn once round (gradually getting closer).
13-141s cast as 2s dance up.
15-16All clover-leaf turns single (M1 & W2 right, W1 & M2 left).
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The Treasure of the Big Woods
J. Pimentel 2005 - music: Dave Wiesler
Dm  2/2;  Longways duple
A1 1-4All pousette (CW) half-way (1st corners start forward).
5-82nd corners right-hand turn once round.
A2 1-4All pousette (CW) half-way. [I think of it as finishing the pousette.]
5-81st corners right-hand turn once round.
B1 1-2Interlocking Gypsies: 1st corners cast into neighbor's place, WHILE 2nd corners gypsy left-shoulders 3/4 to neighbors place (facing out).
3-4Neighbors gypsy left-shoulder half to home (1st corners facing out).
5-6Long wavy lines (up/down set) take hands and set right & left.
7-8Neighbors left-hand turn 3/4, into... [for teaching purposes: have them turn half to identify progressed place, then turn the extra 1/4 to determine who starts the hey.]
B2 1-8Full hey-for-four across the set to progressed places (1st corners pass right shoulders to start).
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Ursa Minor
Friendly & Sackett 2008 - traditional tune: The Bear Dance
Em  2/4;  Longways duple
A1 1-4Partners side right.
5-8All face down: Double half figure-8 (2s cast up/1s cross down).
A2 1-4Neighbors mirror siding (1s split the 2s).
5-8Neighbors mirror turns once round (1s split 2s).
B1 1-81s lead down center, set to each other, lead up, & cast down;
WHILE 2s dance up outside, set, dance back down, & lead up.
[all now progressed but improper]
B2 1-4All face up: Double half figure-8 (2s cast down/1s cross up).
5-8Partners two-hand turn once round.
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Wibsey Roundabout
Gary Roodman 1994 - Tune: Hugh O'Donnell by Turlough O'Carolan
C  6/8;  5-couple Circle
A 1-2Men forward a double to center of circle.
3-4Women forward a double, as men fall back.
5-6Men forward again & turn to their right, as women fall back.
7-12Partners right-hand turn to home place immediately into three changes of a grand chain around the circle (women CW, men CCW).
13-16Give left to the next (the 4th) & turn this new partner once round.
B 1-4Women star right once round, back to place.
5-8Partners (current) back-to-back.
9-12All (taking hands in the circle) to the center and back.
13-16Face current partner, pass right shoulders, & two-hand turn the next (this is your new partner for the next round).
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Yellow Stockings
Neal Collection c.1726 Reconstructed by Rich Jackson & George Fogg
Am  9/8;  Longways duple
A1 1-41st corners turn twice with 2 hands.
A2 1-42nd corners turn twice with 2 hands.
B1 1-21s take 2 hands and slip down the set and back (keep it short - three slipping steps down, and three back)
3-41s cast to 2nd place, 2s moving up.
B2 1-44 changes of rights and lefts (with hands).
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