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Autumn Assembly English Ball

BFMS is pleased to present its annual Baltimore Autumn Assembly English Ball on Saturday, October 20, 2018, at the Church of the Redeemer. There will be a review session at the same location from 1:30 to 4 pm. Reception is at 6:30 PM and the Ball is 7 PM to 11 PM.

You may register online or by mail. Suggested attire is festive formal or historical.
Please bring non-marking dance shoes to help preserve the floor.

Your 2018 Ball Chairs are Emily Aubrey and Tom Spilsbury, reachable by email at autumn_assembly at

The Dances

Title Key/Meter   Title Key/Meter
AliceA 3/4 BellamiraGm 2/2
Bryon's BoutadeD 2/2 The Collier's DaughterGm 2/2
Heading for ZeroD 9/8 Heart's FancyGm 3/4
InnocenceG 3/4 Leatherlake HouseA 2/4
Leslie's Valentine G 6/8 NonesuchD/Dm 2/2
O, Susato C 4/4 The PursuitG 2/2
Queen's JigD 6/8 Scotch CapDm 6/8
To Dance DivineCm 3/2 A Trip to TunbridgeEm 2/4
Wa' is Me, What Mun I DoF 3/4 Woodstock ParkD 6/8
All dances will be talked through and briefly prompted
You can also download a list of the Dances in PDF format.

Music By A Joyful Noise

Daniel Beerbohm, clarinet and flute
Barbara Greenberg, violin
Marty Taylor, winds and concertina
Kathy Talvitie, piano

1:30 - 4 PM Afternoon Review Session
6:30 PM Reception
7 - 11 PM Ball
Review, Reception and Ball at
The Church of the Redeemer
5603 North Charles St
Baltimore, Maryland 21210
Google Map Location

Questions? E-mail autumn_assembly at

Ticket Prices

Member pricing is for BFMS and CDSS affiliates.

  Members General
Before October 6th $35$40$15
Oct 6th to Oct 20 $40$45$20
At the door if available $45$50$23


By Mail:
Download our flier and complete the form on the back page.


Online registration for the 2018 Autumn Assembly English Ball is now closed. Tickets may be available at the door for $45 (members and affiliates) and $50 (nonmembers) and $23 (students).
Please contact autumn_assembly @ with any questions.

Please download our 2018 Autumn Assembly English Ball flier and Dance Directions for more information and to register by mail.

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Dance Instructions

Notes and conventions:
  • Unless otherwise specified, all crosses, back-to-backs, and gypsies are by the right shoulder.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all circles, stars, gypsies, and turns are once around.
  • Unless otherwise specified, "turn single" is over the right shoulder.
  • 1s = first couple/ones; 2s = second couple/twos, etc.
  • CW = clockwise and CCW = counterclockwise
  • L = Left and R = Right
  • P = Partner and Ps = Partners
  • N = Neighbor and SSN = Same Sex Neighbor
  • Circular Hey is without hands; Changes of rights and lefts is with hands.
  • WHILE indicates that two things happen simultaneously

Philippe Callens, 2004 (Antwerp Antics) to Siciliano by Georg Philipp Telemann.
A  3/4;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-2 1st corners set in place
3-4 1st corners Right-hand turn 1/2-way.
A2 1-4 2nd corners the same (progressed & improper).
B 1-2 Facing partner, all fall back with step-close, step-close (start Right).
3-4 Partners cross by the Right & loop right into.. [progressed & proper]
5-8 All 4 single file circle CW once around.
9-12 Partners 2-hand turn once around.
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Playford 1689-1728, reconstructed by Charles Bolton 1985 (Retreads 1)
Gm  2/2;  Longways, Duple minor
A1 1-4 1s lead down the center
5-8 1s lead back up & gate (M1 backing up) to end improper and facing down
A2 1-4 Neighbors (original corners) side (curvy siding).
5-8 Neighbors 2-hand turn once around.
B1 1-4 Partners change places (pass right, and fall back into places, Hole-in-the-Wall style).
5-8 M2 cast up, followed by partner, ending in 1st place, proper, WHILE 1s dance down.
B2 1-4 M1 & W2 change places; then W1 & M2 change places.
5-8 All circle 1/2-way around (clap on first beat), and turn single left.
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Bryon's Boutade
Fried de Metz Herman, 1991, to Hubbub by Bryon Bonnett
D  2/2;  4-Couple set (longways), couples 1 & 3 improper
A1 (Hemstitching)
1-2 On Right-diagonal, change places by Right shoulder.
(End persons in W1 and M4 positions stand still)
3-4 Across the set, change by the Left.
5-8 Repeat bars 1-4.
A2 1-8 Repeat all A1
[ Set should be inverted, 1s at bottom and proper ]
B1 1-2 1s make an arch and dance up a double OVER 2s & 3s who dance down;
4s dance down to meet 1s and make a ring of 4.
3-4 2s and 3s cast up (skipping) WHILE 1s & 4s move their ring down the set.
[ Now 2-3-4-1 ]
5-8 In groups of 4 at the ends, circle Left once around.
B2 1-4 Partners gypsy Right
5-8 Partners set and turn single (right).
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The Collier's Daughter
Dancing Master II: 1728, reconstructed by Cecil Sharp
Gm  2/2;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-4 1s cross & cast down (2s move up).
5-8 1s 2-hand turn once around.
A2 1-4 1s cross again & cast down below new 2s (who do not move up).
5-8 1s 2-hand turn once around.
B1 1-2 1s lead up (to just below original 2s).
3-6 1s & 2s circle left (once).
7-8 All turn single right.
B2 1-4 1s & 2s circular hey (4 very quick changes, partners start passing Right).
5-8 Partners 2-hand turn once around.
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Heading for Zero
Jenny Beer 2004
D  9/8;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-2 W1, followed by partner, cast down (progressed improper place),
WHILE 2s poussette 1/2 CW*. [progressed proper]
3-4 All circle left 1/2-way around.
A2 1-2 M1, followed by partner, cast, WHILE 2s pousette 1/2 CCW*.
3-4 All, circle right 1/2-way around.
B1 1-4 1st corners side right (shoulder-to-shoulder), and Right-hand turn.
B2 1-4 2nd corners side left, and Left-hand turn once around.
C1 1-3 All, 3 changes Rights & Lefts (partners start).
4 All, turn single right to end facing out.
C2 1-2 Neighbors lead out and back (3 steps each).
3-4 Partners back-to-back.
*NOTE: W2 dances forward to start both poussettes.
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Heart's Fancy
Dance and music by Sharon McKinley, 1994 (dance revised 2002)
Gm  3/4;  3-Couple set (longways)
A1 1-8 Crossover mirror hey:
W1 cross between M2 & M3 to hey on men's side,
WHILE M1 cross between W2 & W3 to hey on women's side.
A2 1-8 1s cross back over to hey on their own sides.
B1 1-8 Shoelace figure: M1 change Right with W2 and then Left with M3;
W1 change left with M2, and then right with W3.
9-12 Circle 6 Left 1/2-way.
13-16 1s face partner; 2s face 3s along the line: all set, then 2-hand turn 1/2-way
B2 1-4 1s and 2s (at the top) star Right all the way around.
5-8 1s and 2s 1/2-poussette in the same CW direction (M1 & W2 forward).
9-12 1s and 3s (at the bottom) star Left all the way around.
13-16 1s and 3s 1/2-poussette in the same CCW direction (W1 & M3 forward).
[Order at end of 1st round, 2,3,1]
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Dance by Lynn Jensen 2017: Tune: Innocent Delights by Jonathan Jensen
G  3/4;  Longways, duple minor
A 1-4 1s cross and go below (2s dancing up on bars 3 & 4))
5-8 1s lead down through next couple and cast back to 2nd place, improper.
9-16 2s do the same.
[Both couples are improper with 1s above.]
B 1-4 1s gate original 2s up and around.
5-8 All 2 changes of Rights and Lefts (partners start).
9-16 All (facing up) dance double figure 8 from progressed places.
(2s (above) cast to start, WHILE 1s cross up to start.)
Note on movement: for the active couple at least, this is almost a "perpetual motion" dance, each figure flowing into the next.
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Leatherlake House
J. Bishop 1788
A  2/4;  Longways, triple minor
A1 1-4 1s and 2s set to partner, then 2 changes of circular hey.
5-8 Repeat to places.
A2 1-3 1s cross and cast to 2nd place (2s dance up)
4 1s turn 1/2 and face down.
5-8 1s lead down through 3s, cast back into 2nd place.
B1 1-4 W1 up (with 2s), M1 down (with 3s), circle 3 Left.
5-8 Partners (all) Right-hand turn once around.
B2 1-4 W1 down (with 3s), M1 up (with 2s), circle 3 Right.
5-8 Partners (all) Left-hand turn once around.
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Leslie's Valentine
Scott Higgs, 2001, tune: Miss Grace Hayes' Delight
G  6/8;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-4 W1 set (advancing) to M2, then both turn single
5-8 Chase for three:
W1 cast down into W2's place and ends in M2's place
WHILE M2 follows W1, but ends in W2's place,
AND W2 dances though M2's place to end in W1's place
A2 1-4 Partners face (up & down): Set and turn single.
5-8 All chase CW 3/4 way round
[end with 1s below, proper, and 2s above, improper]
B1 1-4 W1 dance up the center and down the outside,
WHILE M2 dance up the outside and down the center (as in Mad Robin).
5-8 1s 2-hand turn once around and face up to form center of line across,
WHILE 2s turn half and cast to ends of line, proper.
B2 1-4 Line of 4 lead up a double and fall back
5-6 All set in line.
7-8 2s gate the 1s to progressed places.
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Dancing Master: 1651-1728
D/Dm  2/2;  4-Couple set (longways)
A 1-8 Partners up a double and back. That again.
B 1-8 Partners set and turn single. That again
A 1-4 1s leap (with a light spring) forward to take hands (1), slip down below the 2s (2),turn individually down & out to face neighbor. (3-4)
5-6 M1 push M2 up and diagonally out and open out to face across the set WHILE W1 does the same with W2
7-8 Same four (facing partners) forward a double
B 1-4 Same four (facing partners): fall back and dance forward a double.
5-8 Same four: partners 2-hands
AB x 4 Repeat progression four more times, new top couple joining in when the leading Couple starts from third place. [Original 4s end at top to become new 1s.]
A 1-4 Partners side (Left shoulder) across the set, then turn single Right
5-8 Partners side (Right shoulder) back to place and turn single Left
B 1 Top man leap (with a light spring) to the center of the set facing down.
2 His partner does the same, ending facing partner (up).
3-8 In sequence, each couple does the same (man first, then the woman).
A 1-8 Partners arm right, then left
B 1-4 Facing partners, all go four slips out to left and back into line.
5-8 Continuing the movement, all go four slips out to right and back.
A 1-8 Top man leap (with a light spring) out to place on the side of the set (1).
His partner the same (2), and each person in sequence as in Part II, B.
BB 1-16 Progressive hey (grand chain) with hands: 1s begin by taking right hands, everyone else face up and begin when M1 or W1 reaches them.
All move completely around the set to finish where they began the hey
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O, Susato
Dance by Victor Skowronski (2000) to Ronde IX by Tielman Susato (1551)
C  4/4;  Longways, duple minor, improper
A1 1-2 Neighbors arm right.
3-4 Neighbors set and turn single.
A2 1-2 Partners arm left.
3-4 Partners set and turn single.
B1 1-2 Partners side (Sharp/curvy siding).
3-4 Partners pass by right and cloverleaf turn single (men right women left).
B2 1-2 Neighbors side.
3-4 Neighbors pass by right, then partner pass left into a line of four facing up.
(1s improper on ends)
C1 1-2 Line of 4 up a double and back.
3-4 1s cast down and 1/2 figure-8 up, ending facing up at other end of line,
WHILE 2s cross up, cast down, and lead into center of a new line of 4.
[all traded places with partner
C2 1-2 Line of 4 up a double and back.
3-4 1s cast down, 1/2 figure 8 up, and continue down to face new 2s,
WHILE 2s cross up, cast down, and lead up to face new 1s.
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The Pursuit
Walsh 1719, reconstructed by Pat Shaw 1961, tune: Epsom New Wells
G  2/2;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-8 M1 hey with women, passing W2 Right shoulder to start, then M1 cross back to own side, & continue down outside to 2nd place, M2 moving up
A2 1-8 W1 hey with men, passing partner (in 2nd place) Left shoulder to start, then W1 cross back to own side & continue down outside to 2nd place, W2 moving up
B1 1-4 1s lead down through new couple below & cast back up,
WHILE 2s dance up outside & lead back down center
5-8 Partners 2-hand turn.
B2 1-8 1s cross up to dance a full figure 8 through original 2s above,
(2s may join in for a double figure-8 by casting down to start).
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Queen's Jig
Dancing Master 1701-1728, reconstructed by Cecil Sharp 1922
D  6/8;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-8 1st corners side (curvy) over and back, then set and turn single.
A2 1-8 2nd corners repeat A1.
B1 1-4 1st corners change places; 2nd corners change places.
5-8 Partners face, balance back, and change places (passing Right shoulder)
B2 1-6 All star right.
7-8 All turn single left.
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Scotch Cap
DMI 1651-1698, reconstructed by Cecil Sharp 1916
Dm  6/8;  3-Couple set (longways)
A 1-8 Partners Up a double and back; Repeat.
B1 1-4 Left diagonals (W1&M2, W2&M3) balance back & forward, then cross
5-8 Long diagonals (M1 & W3) change places (no balance).
B2 1-8 Repeat B1 to get home.
A 1-8 Partners Side-by-side right (shoulder-to-shoulder), then Side-by-side left.
B1 1-4 Lines of 3 (on sides) fall back a double & come forward.
5-8 2s (with partner), and Ends (M1 with M3, W1 with W3) arm Right.
B1 1-4 Lines of 3 (on sides) fall back a double & come forward.
5-8 Partners (all) 2-hand turn.
A 1-8 Partners arm Right, arm Left.
B1 1-2 On the sides, all slip Left 4 steps (men up, women down).
[end with M3 & W1 within reach of each other]
3-8 M3 & W1 take Right hands to start a progressive grand chain back to place.
[last turn is by right with partner]
B1 1-2 On the sides, all slip Right 4 steps (men down, women up).
3-8 M1 & W3 take Left hands to start a progressive grand chain back to place.
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To Dance Divine
Friendly and Sackett (2010), to To Ayre is Purcell by Shira Kammen (2009)
Cm  3/2;  Longways, duple minor
A 1-2 1s cast down WHILE 2s meet and dance up.
3-4 1s lead down through next 2s and cast back to progressed place.
5-6 2s cast down WHILE 1s meet and dance up.
7-8 2s lead down through next 1s and cast back to home.
B 1-2 1st corners change, then 2nd corners change.
3-4 All four single file chase CW 1/2-way (end at home).
5-6 Partner gypsy right once, ending close.
7-8 1s cast down WHILE 2s lead up and turn single up and away.
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A Trip to Tunbridge
Preston, 1793, reconstructed by A. Simons, 1961
Em  2/4;  3-Couple set (longways)
A1 1-8 1s cast down the outside, "take a peek", then cast back to the top.
A2 1-8 1s dance down the center, skip back to the top, and cast to 2nd place, 2s lead up on bars 7 & 8.
B1 1-4 1s pass Right shoulder (across set), then Right-hand turn 1st corner.
5-7 1s pass Right shoulder (up/down set), then Right-hand turn 2nd corner.
8 1s pass Right shoulder (across) again, to end in 2nd place facing out,
WHILE 2s & 3s face out on bar 8 to make two lines of 3.
B2 1-4 Lines of 3 lead out a double and fall back, turning to face partner at last moment.
5-8 2s at the top 2-hand turn, WHILE 1s (in middle place) dance a long cast to bottom, and 3s (in bottom place) 2-hand turn moving up to middle place.
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Wa' is Me, What Mun I Do
Dancing Master II, 1696, reconstructed by Christine Helwig
F  3/4;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-4 M1 set Left & Right to W1 and W2, (they join on Right), circle 3 Left until M1 is in W2's place.
5-8 M1 drops hands with W1 to lead women CW around M2, proceeding to W2's place.
A2 1-4 M2 sets Left & Right to W1 and W2, (they join on Right), circle 3 Left until M2 is in W1's place.
5-8 M2 drops hands with W1 to lead women CW around M1, proceeding to W1's (original) place. [all are progressed, improper]
B 1-2 All (facing partner) balance back and forward.
3-4 All step-and-close Left 2x to move one place CW around minor set.
5-6 Partners lead out at sides, turn and lead back.
7-8 All cast Right one place. (All now in original places).
9-12 1st corners meet and fall back; 2nd corners meet and fall back.
13-16 All dance 3 changes Rights and Lefts (partners start).
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Woodstock Park
Kynaston, 1711, interpretation by Andrew Shaw (2000
D  6/8;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-4 Partners set, then 1s cast down into 2nd place, 2s leading up.
5-8 1s 1/2-figure-8: M1 dance DOWN through the couple below, W1 dance UP through the couple above, (passing Right with other moving dancer
A2 1-4 Partners set, then 2s cast down into 2nd place, 1s leading up.
5-8 2s 1/2-figure 8: M2 dance DOWN through the couple below, W2 dance UP through the couple above (passing Right with other moving dancer).
[all are improper]
B 1-4 1s dance Right shoulder (CW) around neighbor (2s stand still).
5-8 All 4 circle Left 1/2-way and fall back on side to open set.
9-16 All 4 changes Rights & Lefts (partners start).
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