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Autumn Assembly English Ball

BFMS is pleased to present its annual Baltimore Autumn Assembly English Ball on Saturday, October 28th, 2023, at the Church of the Redeemer. Come to our afternoon ball with refreshments, beautiful dancing, and elegant music by Trio con Brio from 12 noon to 3:30 PM.

Registration and pre-payment is online only.

Suggested attire is festive formal or historical.
Please bring non-marking dance shoes to help preserve the floor.

Your 2023 Ball Chairs are Sharon McKinley and Emily Aubrey, reachable by email at autumn_assembly at

The Dances

Title Key/Meter   Title Key/Meter
Auretti's Dutch SkipperBb 6/8 The BishopA 4/4
The Collier's DaughterGm 2/2 Easter ThursdayDm 3/2
Emperor of the MoonGm 4/4 Hambleton's Round OCm 3/2
HeartseaseGm 6/8 Hop GroundD 6/8
Land of Mist and WonderCm 3/4 Leading ManAm 2/2
Old Wife Behind the FireG 2/2 Prince WilliamA 2/2
The Punch BowlG 3/4 Rich DelightsG 3/4
Sunlight through DraperiesD 3/4 Sweet Potato PieC 6/8
Tennessee DawnG 3/4 WoodshedA 6/8
All dances will be talked through and briefly prompted
Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to dance videos.
You can now download a list of the Dance Instructions in PDF format.

Music By: Trio Con Brio

Elke Baker, violin
Jonathan Jensen, piano and more
Paul Oorts, things with strings and accordion

  • 12 noon- 3:30 PM Ball
Ball location:
The Church of the Redeemer
5603 North Charles St
Baltimore, Maryland 21210
Google Map Location

Questions? E-mail autumn_assembly at


Member pricing is for BFMS and CDSS affiliates.

Patrons support BFMS and get recognition in the program!

  Members General
Students Patron
Through Oct 7th$35$40$20$60
Through Oct 27th$40$45$20$60



Online registration for the 2023 Autumn Assembly English Ball is now closed. There will be no ticket sales the day of the Ball!
Please contact autumn_assembly @ with any questions.

Facebook Group

Check our Facebook group for pictures and other information.

Dance Instructions

Notes and conventions:
  • Unless otherwise specified, all crosses, back-to-backs, and gypsies are by the right shoulder.
  • Unless otherwise specified, all circles, stars, gypsies, and turns are once around.
  • Unless otherwise specified, "turn single" is over the right shoulder.
  • 1s = first couple/ones; 2s = second couple/twos, etc.
  • CW = clockwise and CCW = counterclockwise
  • L = Left and R = Right
  • P = Partner and Ps = Partners
  • N = Neighbor and SSN = Same Sex Neighbor
  • Circular Hey is without hands; Changes of rights and lefts is with hands.
  • WHILE indicates that two things happen simultaneously

Auretti's Dutch Skipper

Bb  6/8;  
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The Bishop

A  4/4;  
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The Collier's Daughter
Dancing Master II: 1728, reconstructed by Cecil Sharp
Gm  2/2;  Longways, duple minor
A1 1-4 1s cross & cast down (2s move up).
5-8 1s 2-hand turn once around.
A2 1-4 1s cross again & cast down below new 2s (who do not move up).
5-8 1s 2-hand turn once around.
B1 1-2 1s lead up (to just below original 2s).
3-6 1s & 2s circle left (once).
7-8 All turn single right.
B2 1-4 1s & 2s circular hey (4 very quick changes, partners start passing Right).
5-8 Partners 2-hand turn once around.
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Easter Thursday

Dm  3/2;  
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Emperor of the Moon

Gm  4/4;  Longways
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Hambleton's Round O

Cm  3/2;  
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Gm  6/8;  
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Hop Ground

D  6/8;  
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Land of Mist and Wonder

Cm  3/4;  
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Leading Man

Am  2/2;  
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Old Wife Behind the Fire
The Neal Collection, 1726
G  2/2;  Longways duple minor
A1ONES set and cast down (TWOS move up). ONES 2-hand turn once around.
A2TWOS set and cast down (ONES move up) TWOS 2-hand turn once around.
B1ONES cross and cast (TWOS move up). TWOS cross and cast below to the middle of a line of 4.
B2Lead up a double, fall back and bend the line; two changes of rights and lefts.
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Prince William

A  2/2;  
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The Punch Bowl

G  3/4;  
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Rich Delights

G  3/4;  
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Sunlight through Draperies

D  3/4;  
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Sweet Potato Pie
Sharon McKinley, tune by Jonathan Jensen, 2014
C  6/8;  Longways duple minor
A1RIGHT-hand star once around. Take two hands with Partner, and half poussette CW (1st Corners push).
A2With the NEXT couple (not original Neighbors), LEFT-hand star once around. Take two hands with Partner, and with original Neighbors, half poussette CW (2nd corners push) back to place.
B1Original Neighbors back to back. Circle halfway, fall back (all progressed and improper).
B2ONES half-figure-8 up through the TWOS. TWOS half-figure-8 down through the ONES.
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Tennessee Dawn

G  3/4;  
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A  6/8;  
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