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Monthly Newsletter


The Newsletter is available to download here in PDF format.

Mini Newsletter

The Mini Newsletter is available to download here in PDF format.

Newsletter Archives

We have PDF copies of the Monthly newsletters going back to 2005 with some newsletters from 2003 and 2004 and we plan to add more.

You can find them on the Archives Page.

About the BFMS Publications

The Baltimore Folk Music Society furthers the understanding, investigation, appreciation, and performance of the traditional folk music, folk dance, and folklore of the American people. The Society publishes newsletters that help to:

  1. Promote and encourage participation in activities of the society,
  2. Communicate information beneficial to the operation and welfare of the society, and
  3. Announce nearby events that further the folk arts, as space permits.

The Society has four different publications:

Monthly Newsletter
Published monthly in PDF format. The newsletter covers BFMS events, BFMS member-sponsored events and events from other local organizations. The monthly newsletter can be downloaded from this web page by anyone or it can be delivered (by request) via e-mail in PDF format to BFMS members. If you are a BFMS member and would like to have the monthly newsletter sent to you by e-mail, please visit the Membership page and fill out the form for your membership preferences.

Published Monthly in PDF format, the Mini-Newsletter only covers BFMS events and BFMS member-sponsored events for the coming month. It will generally be about two pages long.

Weekly E-mail Listing
Published weekly (usually on Tuesdays) and sent as an email message to subscribers, this publication covers only BFMS events and BFMS member-sponsored events for the coming week. Occasional special announcements will also be sent to subscribers of the weekly e-mail. Subscription is open to anyone and you can sign up right on this webpage at the bottom where you see Weekly Event Listing by E-Mail or by clicking here for the form

The BFMS Website
The website lists BFMS events and BFMS member-sponsored events and displays some special announcements. You can download event fliers and other publications through the website. You can renew your BFMS membership on the website and purchase tickets or registrations for certain events.

Please note. Due to the high cost of publication and postage, BFMS no longer publishes or mails a paper version of the newsletter.
Additionally, while the Newsletter is not being published, the Mini-Newsletter will be sent out to members by email.

Guidelines for the BFMS Publications

The different BFMS publications are produced by different people and in different formats so we have general guidelines for event submission and you only have to submit information to one place. If you have a folk type event that you would like to have listed in one of the publications, please read the following.

Event Listings

(For all publications)
The bulk of out publications lists of folk-related events in Maryland or within approximately 75 miles of downtown Baltimore, submitted by the event organizer or a delegate. Each listing is typically between 30 and 250 words and includes, at minimum, the name, date, and start time of the event. Most listings should provide location, admission, end time, and contact information. Other appropriate details include the style of performance or structure of the program, and the names, instruments, and home cities of performers. Please review a recent newsletter for our style and format (note use of the present tense). Press releases generally result in less informative listings.

Most regular series use a "boilerplate" listing that repeats from month to month, augmented by details for the specific dates. If your series follows this pattern, you need submit the boilerplate copy only once. If your events require no specific details, simply communicate the scheduled dates, as far into the future as next July.


(Newsletter only)
The newsletter invites BFMS members to submit articles on topics consistent with our purpose, such as history, participants' event experiences, and ideas to improve the conduct or attendance of Society-sponsored events. These articles carry a by-line and can be relatively personal. No CD announcements, reviews, or political advocacy, please.

Please contact the Newsletter Editor newsletter at for requirements before submitting photos or artwork.

How to Send Items

Please submit each event one time only. Send as early as practical, but no later than the 10th of the month before publication. We prefer plain text in the body of an e-mail, rather than HTML-formatted text or attached documents. Use a subject that includes the word "listing" and e-mail to events at For updates, highlight all changes.

What are Member Sponsored Events?

These are events that are:

  • Sponsored by a BFMS member.
  • Open (at least) to all BFMS members.
  • Of a type that generally meets the definition of a "folkie" event.
    Tupperware parties, e.g., don't qualify.

Events produced by another organization shall not be considered BFMS member-sponsored events.
Exceptions or appeals to this policy will be decided by the Board of BFMS.
BFMS asks that the sponsor promote the Baltimore Folk Music Society at member sponsored events.