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Events listed on this page are not connected to or sponsored by the Baltimore Folk Music Society. These events are listed as a service to the Folk Music community. If you would like your Folk Music event listed on this page, please contact and provide the details (Date, Artist, Venue, Website URL or other details) of your event.

Listing by Date - next 30 days

November 21 2018 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance
Glen Echo Town Hall

Melissa Running calls the dances while Tom Wright (10-String mandolin), Sophie Chang (cello), and Liz Donaldson (piano) play

November 23 2018 - Dance
Friday Night Dance at Glen Echo

Diane Silver calls to Liz Donaldson & Friends with Liz Donaldson (piano).

November 24 2018 - Dance
Frederick Maryland Contra Dance
Trinity School

Caroline Barnes will call to fabulous tunes provide by Joe DeZarn, fiddle; Marc Glickman, piano.

November 25 2018 - Dance
FSGW Sunday Challenge Dance

Alex Deis-Lauby and the Ripples bring an afternoon of mind-benders to encourage you to challenge your dance practice at whatever level you may be. A typical challenging session features dances with figures that might not be regularly encountered in an evening of dance. So be ready to challenge your brain and feet with star thru contra corners, backward progressions, left hand chains, and other odd delights.
You will advance your dance practice, be it through learning new moves, getting smoother on infrequent ones, or helping others to do so. Mostly it’s a chance to dance your best and have fun! Informal potluck to follow - stay for the evening dance.This dance will be called with ravens and larks

November 25 2018 - Dance
FSGW Sunday Night Contra and Square Dance

Caller & Musicians: Alex Deis-Lauby, the NYC Phenom, with the flourishes to die for, the amazing energy and the endless supply of fun dances calls with the Ripples! Kristen Planeaux, piano, accordion, flute, voice; Gabrielle Lanza, percussion, voice; Andrew taylor, fiddle; and Christopher Wood, guitar. The Ripples have wowed us at Contrastock and at Hashdance, a truly magnificent ensemble. This dance will be called with Ravens and Larks

November 25 2018 - Folk Music
Pat Wictor
Island Pride Oasis restaurant

Island Pride Oasis restaurant at 617 South Frederick Avenue Gaithersburg, MD 20877. (This is the inaugural show at this location!) Tickets are $18 in advance at and for FocusMusic and FSGW members, $20 at the door. Pat Wictor is an innovative slide guitarist, a memorable interpreter of traditional and contemporary songs, a singer-songwriter who pens lean and poetic songs that honor-and subvert-rural blues and gospel traditions, and a jazz guitarist. Herb Levy at or 703.380.3151

November 28 2018 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance
Glen Echo Town Hall

Ann Fallon calls to the playing of Susan Brandt (flute), Ralph Gordon (cello), and Melissa Running (piano)

November 29 2018 - Folk Music
Baldwins Station

Tickets $20.00 ~ Showtime 8:00


November 30 2018 - Dance
Friday Night Dance at Glen Echo

Tom Hinds calls to Frog Hammer with Andrew Marcus (accordion), Jim Besser (concertina), Dave Casserly (saxophone), Michael Ferguson (trombone), Bob Collins (drums), Glyn Collinson (bouzouki, guitar).

December 01 2018 - Dance
Galesville Community Square Dance
Galesville Memorial Hall

5:45 p.m. Potluck dinner (Optional)
7:00 p.m. Family-friendly dancing
8:30-10 p.m. More challenging dancing
Live traditional Appalachian dance music by Leah Weiss (fiddle), Gary Wright (guitar), and Friends
No partner, experience, or lessons necessary. Yes, YOU can do it! Sit ins welcome on fiddle, guitar, and clawhammer banjo.
Square dances, Circle dances, Contra dances — Come join the fun!
$10 adults, $5 ages 5-17, under 5 free.

December 01 2018 - Folk Music
EIC Ceili Dance
Atlantic Ballroom

7 - 11 PM. This is an event for the whole family - bring your children and your grandchildren. Peter Fitzgerald and the J Patrick's All Stars will be providing the live music for the dancers.

December 02 2018 - Dance
FSGW Sunday Night Contra and Square Dance

Caller: Susan Taylor - Musicians: Polka Pants Trio with Rebecca Weiss, fiddle; Andrea Hoag, fiddle; Charlie Pilzer, piano

December 02 2018 - Dance
Glen Echo Park

WALTZ SISTERS with Liz Donaldson (piano), Tina Chancey (fiddle), Paul Oorts (button accordion, mandolin, banjo, guitar), Ralph Gordon (bass)

December 05 2018 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance
Glen Echo Town Hall

New Dancer Orientation starts at 7:30 - Kappy Laning calls the dances to the music of Tina Chancey (fiddle), Ralph Gordon (cello), and Liz Donaldson (piano)

December 06 2018 - Folk Music
Baldwins Station

Tickets $20.00 ~ Showtime 8:00


December 07 2018 - Dance
Friday Night Dance at Glen Echo

Anna Rain calls to Eric Boodman (fiddle, foot percussion), Julie Vallimont (accordion, piano, jawharp), Zach Meyer (saxophones), Jonathan Cannon (guitar, fiddle, foot percussion).

December 08 2018 to December 16 2018 - Folk Music
Christmas Revels
GW Lisner Auditorium

The Christmas Revels: an Elizabethan Winter Celebration

GW Lisner Auditorium, 730 21st Street NW, Washington, DC 20052

Shakespearean actor and fool Will Kemp completes his "Nine Days Wonder" — Morris dancing from London to Norwich — just in time to welcome Queen Elizabeth the First with Renaissance music, dancing in the aisles, sing-alongs, and more! Featuring the Rock Creek Morris Women.

December 08 2018 - Folk Music
First Unitarian Church of Baltimore
Peter Mayer

Peter Mayer writes songs for a small planet -- songs about
interconnectedness and the human journey and about the beauty and
mystery of the world.

7 P.M. Tickets are available at the door or from
Student /Child $5.00, General $25.00

December 09 2018 - Folk Music
Lox & Vodka
Tikvat Israel Congregation

Tikvat Israel Congregation at 2200 Baltimore Road Rockville, MD 20851.

Tickets are $18 in advance at and for members, $20 at the door.

Members of Lox & Vodka; Greg Lupton, Don New and Caron Dale; will perform Klezmer music in honor of the Chanukah holiday. Klezmer music, Jewish soul music, has been in existence since the Middle Ages when klezmorim (itinerant musicians) would travel from shtetl (village) to shtetl to play for Jewish weddings and other celebrations. Lox & Vodka is part of the revival of this spiritually endowed musical form, sometimes with a touch of classic rock, Motown, swing, country and big band music. contact Scott Moore at or 301.461.3600

Herb Levy at or 703.380.3151

December 12 2018 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance
Glen Echo Town Hall

Tom Spilsbury calls the dances while Andrea Hoag (fiddle), Barbara Heitz (flute), and Liz Donaldson (piano) make the music

December 14 2018 - Dance
Friday Night Dance at Glen Echo

Kappy Laning calls to the Glen Echo Open Band.

December 14 2018 - Concert
Timonium United Methodist Church

Tickets TBA ~ Showtime 8:00

December 15 2018 - Dance
Annapolis Contra Dance
Annapolis Friends Meeting Hall

Greg Frock will be our caller as we revel and revolve to the fine playing of Liz Donaldson and her players to be named later (watch this space for updates). 7 PM; $10/8/5 (price details).

December 15 2018 - Dance
The Great American Square Dance Revival
Saint Stephen\'s Church

This month we'll have Old Time dance tunes played by The West Hillbillies from Ithaca, NY while caller Dave Harvey of The New York City Barn Dance shows you how it’s done and will have you up and do-si-do-ing in no time flat. Come see what it’s all about, right in the heart of DC on a swingin’ Saturday night. All are welcome – young and old, brand new and experienced dancers, hipsters and total outta the loopers. No partner, lessons, overalls, or fancy dress needed. Location: Saint Stephen's Church, 1525 Newton St. NW, Washington DC, near the Columbia Heights Metro. $5 at the door. More info: visit

December 16 2018 - Dance
Glen Echo Park

CABARET SAUVIGNON with Andrea Hoag (violin), David Wiesler (piano), Paul Oorts (button accordion, mandolin, banjo, guitar), Karen Ashbrook (hammered dulcimer)

December 19 2018 - Dance
FSGW English Country Dance
Glen Echo Town Hall

Susan Taylor calls the dances while Becky Ross (fiddle), Anna Rain (flute), and Melissa Running (piano) play

December 20 2018 - Folk Music
A Celtic Christmas
Baldwins Station


Tickets $22.00 ~ Showtime 8:00