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Wednesday Night Contra & Square Dances

The Baltimore Folk Music Society presents American Contra and Square Dancing at 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 PM every Wednesday at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church, 2200 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Admission is $9 for members, $13 for nonmembers. Under 21 and full-time students with IDs: $4 members, $6 non-members.

All dances are taught and walked through beforehand. Music and dance styles include New England, Southern Appalachian, and Celtic styles. Nationally-known musicians and callers appear regularly. These dances are sponsored in part by a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council.

New Dancers' workshops:
Free workshops introducing basic contra dance figures take place every Wednesday at 7:30p.m. Beginners are encouraged to attend. Contra dance FAQs.

Please see our Behavior Policy

For more information call the BFMS hotline at 888-646-BFMS or email amdance at

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Wednesday, May 29 2019 
Ethan Ableman calls to Tea and Honey - Rebecca Weiss (fiddle), Colleen Holroyd (fiddle), Sophie Chang (cello), and Bobby LaRose (piano). Special Workshop before the dance (7:15-8PM): Contra flourish workshop for intermediate to advanced dancers with Eria and Amelia.​
Wednesday, June 05 2019 
Rodney Sutton calls to Devine Comedy - Steve Hickman (fiddle), Marty Taylor (pennywhistle, concertina), and John Devine (guitar).
Wednesday, June 12 2019 
TBA calls to Backstep Cindy - Sandy Hofferth (fiddle), Howard Zane (banjo), Joe Langley (guitar), and Art Abrams (bass).

Wednesday, June 19 2019 
Kelsey Hartman calls to The Nettles - Laura Brophy (fiddle), Kevin Johnsrude (guitar), Michael Proctor (bass), and Ness Smith-Savedoff (percussion).
Wednesday, June 26 2019 
TBA calls to the Baltimore Open Band!
Wednesday, July 03 2019 
Quena Crain calls to The Long Pond Rounders - Jonah Sidman (Fiddle), Corey Walters (Flute, Mandolin), Michael Friedman (Piano), Ness Smith-Savedoff (Percussion), and Ross Harriss (Sax/Guitar).
Wednesday, July 10 2019 
TBA calls to the Lovely Lane String Band - Brenna Hogan (fiddle), Shane Knudsen (fiddle), John Sauer (guitar), Jay White (banjo), and Artie Abrams (bass).

Wednesday, July 24 2019 
TBA calls to Medicinal Purpose - Ryck Kaiser (fiddle),
Henry Koretzky (mandolin), Jamie O'Brien (guitar), and Bruce Campbell (bass).
Wednesday, July 31 2019 
TBA calls to Contre Temps - Andrew Tomlinson (flute), Mark Vidor (piano), and McGregor Yatsevitch (fiddle).
Wednesday, August 07 2019 
TBA calls to Matthew Christian (fiddle) and Max Carmichael (guitar). (Pending)
Wednesday, August 21 2019 
TBA calls to The Gravy Soppers - Rebecca Adams (banjo), Jeff Adams (guitar), Jason Miller (fiddle), and Johann Miller (bass).
Wednesday, October 02 2019 
Tavi Merrill calls to TBA
Wednesday, October 09 2019 
Bob Isaacs calls to TBA.
Wednesday, November 13 2019 
The Too Hot Mamas (Janine Smith and Susan Taylor) call to the Dead Sea Squirrels: Craig Edwards (fiddle), Cathy Mason (fiddle), and Henry Yoshimura (guitar).

Wednesday, January 08 2020 
Kalia Kliban calls to TBA