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State-of-the-Society Meeting

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Saturday - May 11th, 2024 - 7:00 PM

It is time once again for the Annual State-of-the-Society meeting of the Baltimore Folk Music Society. All members are invited to join us to hear about the past year's activities, and plans for the future. The evening's agenda will include a report from our President, Lisa Kornberg; a report from our Treasurer, Tom Bryson; and a proposed slate of BFMS Board candidates from our Nominating Committee. After that, the floor will be open for additional nominations, and board members will be available to answer questions about BFMS events and operations.

This year's meeting will be live but we will try to provide also via Zoom if someone requests it by April 30th by email to secondsat at If you are planning to come, please select a free ticket ($10 discount) at and arrive by 7:10pm. Though you will not have to pay, preregistering like this lets us know that you are coming and gives us a means to notify people if communicable illness is reported afterwards

Officer Elections
Per our bylaws, one candidate for each Officer position is proposed by a nominating committee comprised of BFMS members appointed by the President. These nominees will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting, and a call for additional nominations will be held. Officers-elect shall take office at the June Board Meeting.
Report of the Nominating Committee
This year's nominating committee was chaired by Quintin Aspin. The proposed slate of Officers is to be determined and will be announced. If you would like to serve on the Board, either in the coming year or in a future year, please e-mail the President at

Additional Nominations
Additional nominations may also be made from the floor during the Annual Meeting, provided that the consent of the nominee has been obtained. If there is no more than one candidate for an office, the nominee shall be deemed elected at the Annual Meeting. In the event of one or more contested election, paper or electronic ballots shall be used and tellers appointed to tally the results. All nominees shall be members in good standing of BFMS.

Board members serve a 13 month term from June 2024 to June 2025. The duties of each position are described in the bylaws ( If you have any questions about the positions or if you want to volunteer or suggest someone else for a position, please contact the Nominating Committee (nominations at Members may also make nominations at the meeting.

Schedule for the Evening

7:00 PM - State-of-the-Society Meeting
BFMS Members arrive before 7:10 PM to get into the evening dance Free
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM Evening Contra & English Dance!
Please see the Saturday Dance page for information on the dance.
Location: Church of the Nativity and Holy Comforter, 6112 York Rd, Baltimore

Directions to Church of the Nativity